all about my change to grey/blond hair

Last week I decieded to change my hair colour to grey. I have wanted to do this for a long time but now that I work together with Redken I felt I would be in good hands.


I knew that it would not be easy because I have very dark hair and it takes some time to make the hair lighter.

So I visited “max your hairstyle” Cologne City and I am really happy with the result.



First step was to bleach my hair so that the grey colour would take.


After finishing with  the first step my hair looked like this 🙂


The next step was to change my hair to grey and to get a new and fresh cut. I really love the service and                                             atmosphere at “max your hairstyle”. Everybody was very friendly and polite


A big thank you to the “max your hairstyle”  Cologne City Team and Redken!

You want to change your hairstyle and live in or near Cologne?


max your hairstyle Cologne City

Habsburgerring 1

50674 Köln

+49221 16858 611

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