Moleculare Cosmetics by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Everybody has been in the situation of stress and everybody knows what we don’t want during this time: to break out in spots or get unhealthy skin.

My friend Dr. Barbara Sturm developed a new skincare product line „Moleculare Cosmetics“. Dr. Barbara Sturm is well known and has a lot of VIP clients in Hollywood and Germany.

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Moleculare Cosmetics will give your skin a fresh and healthy complexion. Furthermore the products have wound-healing properties. To get this, she is using a enzyme of your blood. The products come as cremes or serum.

To make my own opinion, I visited Dr. Barbara Sturm in her doctors office in Düsseldorf.

After she introduced the new line of products, I was very interested to get my own creme. Therefore she took a blood sample from me. Thats it. All I had to do was waiting for my new creme. After I got the creme and used it a couple of days, I was very impressed.

Due to my own experiences I highly recommend the products.

To get more information, please visit Dr. Barbara Sturm’s homepage

Thanks to Barbara and her team.

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